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About J!ll

Curious ✨ Energetic ✨ Optimistic

Hey, I'm Jill!

I'm on a mission to help bosses and their leadership teams achieve MORE.

Growing up in an entrepreneurial family, I learned the advantages of having a clear vision and doing what you say you’ll do, from an early age. I witnessed and participated in the struggles and successes of the family business, and those experiences influenced who I am as a business leader today.

After earning a BS in Psychology and an MBA, I held leadership positions in the industries of HR, for-profit education, and professional training. Before becoming an EOS implementer full time, I was the president of a forward thinking, business solutions-based CPA firm. My role was to advise and guide the business owners that we served, using the EOS tools.

Having been an EOS® Implementer since 2014, I’ve had the honor of implementing EOS with over 80 companies and I continue to coach AWESOME entrepreneurs in Texas who are on a journey to become their BEST (no wimps or dictators allowed : ))! I am the author of “The Earning Advantage: 8 TOOLS YOU NEED TO GET PAID THE MONEY YOU WANT”, a book written to the employees of entrepreneurial companies that teaches that they must provide more value in order to get paid more. (See above… love for work and capitalism!)

What I’ve Witnessed…

  • Lives CHANGED for the business owners,

  • Clarity ACHIEVED for the leadership team, and

  • COHESIVENESS of the brand and message to the world.

This all resulting in getting more from their people and fostering a unique working environment that no competitor could match.

P.S. from me…

I am going to push you.
You WILL get out of your comfort zone.
We WILL have a lot of fun with lots of laughs.
And we will get through this together!


The ✨ Shiny Things ✨


Kolbe 4-4-9-2

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Ready to Transform?

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Whether you're the boss, part of a company's leadership team, or an employee searching for that next raise...Jill has the right tools for you. 


The Advantage Series

Jill has authored three books, which make up The Advantage Series: The Earning Advantage, The Courage Advantage, and The Thinking Advantage


Not only does Jill make magic in the delivery of her workshops, she will also co-create a custom, ACTIONABLE and ENERGETIC experience filled with powerful tools.


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