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Are you planning an event for an audience of people who own and run entrepreneurial businesses? If you want to engage, inform and empower that audience, consider booking an Expert EOS Implementer. Jill Young regularly delivers entertaining and actionable content tailor-made for busy entrepreneurs in a variety of formats. Jill commits to speaking 12 times per year. If you'd like to reserve your event, book today.

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Energetic, Actionable, Transformative

Jill's speaking sessions are energetic, immediately useful (actionable), and transformative. Workshop sessions help enlighten your leadership teams and align the organization towards a common goal. Jill's keynote sessions are known for wooing and exciting the crowd towards building momentum within their organization.

Meet Jill

Jill Young, an Expert EOS® Implementer, speaker, and author, specializes in guiding business owners to create vision, experience traction, and form unified teams. She has a BS in Psychology and an MBA and has held leadership positions in a variety of fields. Before becoming a full-time EOS Implementer™ in 2014, Jill was the president of a forward-thinking CPA firm, where she advised and guided clients using the EOS Tools. Over the last eight years, Jill has implemented EOS with over 80 companies in over 750 Sessions and continues to coach entrepreneurs who are on a journey to become their best. She now acts as a Head Coach for EOS Worldwide® and has written three successful books as part of The Advantage Series.

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How We Can Best Partner:

Live Workshops

Book Jill for a live workshop and achieve clarity for your leadership team and learn new ways to foster a unique working environment. You WILL have a lot of fun with lots of laughs.

Virtual Events

Grow as a leader and grow your team with a Virtual Event with Jill! Gain insight and expertise for moving your team forward - quickly!


Give yourself and your team a push! Learn how to get out of that comfort zone with Jill as a guest at your next Conference!

High Energy Keynotes and Workshops for Leadership Teams & Business Owners

Jill offers an inspiring, 90-minute keynote address that your audience will find jam-packed with real, immediately useful information. Get introduced to the real-world concepts of EOS and learn that it’s not just a set of do-nothing theories but instead clear, proven tools.

Groups eager to dig deeper and apply the EOS Tools to their own businesses will benefit by extending the keynote into a hands-on half-day workshop. These interactive events move beyond the introduction of concepts and practical tools and focus on helping attendees put them to immediate use.

Attendees will walk away looking at their businesses from a completely different perspective. Owners and leaders will better understand what needs to change to get more of what they want from their businesses, and they’ll be equipped with a complete set of powerful yet simple tools proven to help them clarify, simplify and achieve their visions.

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Puzzling situations haunting your sleep and keeping you from getting where you want to go? With more than a decade of experience coaching entrepreneurs and leaders of companies of all shapes and sizes, Jill is an absolute gold mine of successful knowledge and helpful information for building a company and team that is able to succeed for the long haul. Her keynote topic cover a wide variety of questions and suggestions and are sure to be what you are looking for.

No more boring snooze fest lectures, Jill makes learning engaging and effective for everyone! She brings her game face with each topic ready to push you to the next level of achievement. Whether you are a new leader or whether you've been a boss for 40 years, Jill has content ready to help you uncover the missing link and unlock your power to climb higher.

Jill's Core Topics:

These topics can all be done in a 60-90 minute talk or a half to full day workshop.
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Jill commits to speaking 12 times per year. If you'd like to reserve your event, book today.

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Chad Gono - Regal Plastics

"Jill is such a positive influence on me and my company. My entire team would randomly come to me through the day and say “dude, Jill’s sessions are unbelievable!” Jill means a lot to us and we really appreciate her. She really has a special talent."

Claudine Zachara - ThinkWhy

"The meeting facilitation was outstanding, and the whole team benefited from our experience with you!  We all went out to dinner after our meeting, and each commented on the great experience.  We are thrilled to have selected you to lead us through the EOS process.  LEGIT, GIRL! The ‘extra’ steps of supplying us with follow up notes, action items and resources are really time consuming for you, but most appreciated from our end."