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What if you could know the secret to getting a raise?

Find out why your boss WANTS to give you a raise and what he’s waiting on from you.

You don’t need to switch careers or grovel at your boss' feet to get more money. Hi, I'm Jill Young and I have helped hundreds of people just like you! I will show you some secrets to getting the raise you deserve and helping you ask for a raise without begging for it or having to change jobs!


I have the tools that you need to get paid the money you want.

Sometimes it’s hard to know what a boss is thinking and even harder to know if you’re doing the right things to advance you forward. But what if it isn’t about you at all? What if it’s about the entirety of the business? Look, in order to get ahead, you’re going to need to KNOW your present - the ins and outs of your company and the ins and outs of what your boss is thinking. Maybe you already knew this. But do you know how to accomplish this?

After YEARS of boss to employee relationship research and years of business consulting and management, I have nailed down the secret to getting a raise. I’ve seen hundreds upon hundreds of employees get the raises they deserve using my teaching principles. 

With these tools handy, you WILL find success, IN your current job and any job in the future. I guarantee it.


The Earning Advantage Course


THE EARNING ADVANTAGE is my incredible new ONLINE COURSE built just for you - the hard working employee!


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You’ve tried explaining WHY you NEED a raise. 

And now you’ve just settled into the everyday hamster wheel of the mundane. You’ve conquered what used to challenge you and for all practical purposes, you consider yourself to have arrived as far as you’re going to go in this company. 

But... What if you’re wrong? 

What if there is SO much more waiting for you and so many more rungs in the ladder just waiting to be climbed!? 

I want to partner with you to help you find the next rung in your ladder! 

I am committed to being your teammate. I am on a mission to make lives BETTER by helping you earn MORE MONEY.

Here's What You Get When You Enroll...

Screenshot 2024-04-30 at 12.26.54 PM.png

Expert Training

Jill has worked with hundreds of bosses! This video based e-course is packed with her expert trainings.

Screenshot 2024-04-30 at 12.34.01 PM.png

In Depth Strategies

There isn't just a secret one liner that's going to get you a raise, so Jill has prepared the framework and strategies that will work for YOU!

Screenshot 2024-04-30 at 12.26.50 PM.png

Know How

You'll get the know-how to communicate with your boss and fellow employees in a way that is profitable.


It’s time to stop hitting the snooze button on your future.

 It’s time to jump out of bed and take hold of the advantages and earnings that are waiting just inside your cubicle! ...

Here's what others are saying...

Gino Wickman; EOS

"The Earning Advantage is ideal for helping people understand how to love
their jobs, become invaluable, and make more money"

Okay, Jill But This Won't Work For Me

The Earning Advantage is for people who are committed to being a better employee.

If the commitment isn’t there, then this is not the right program for you and I ask that you please do not sign up. It’s also not for quitters. Our goal is to only work with people who are motivated to move forward.


But that's not all! Enroll today and also get these amazing Bonuses!

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Bonus #1

The first one is about finding your purpose. If you are struggling with value and purpose with your job in addition to desiring a raise then this bonus resource is going to help you discover what value you can bring that also brings you joy and purpose.

Screenshot 2024-04-30 at 12.12_edited.jpg

Bonus #2

Next, you’re going to learn more phrases for great communication.  Are you struggling to know what questions to ask your team or you notice how your own self-talk has been negative lately... In this advanced training you are going to learn how to phrases for great communication that you can put into practice TODAY.  

Screenshot 2024-04-30 at 12.26.54 PM.png

Bonus #3

Finally, I’m including a bonus for personal goals and planning. In this bonus training, I will show you step-by-step how to think through your one and three year plans in order to know exactly what you want to bring to your company.

Join The Earning Advantage Course

$97 (Limited Time Only)

This Course Retails At $297

Expert Video Trainings

Framework & Strategies to make more money

Know-how in asking for a raise

Course Only Workbook for planning out your pupose & plan

Exclusive Bonuses!

In fact, I am confident that it will be a window into goals you didn’t dare dream yet!

Including a 100% money back guarantee. This program has worked for hundreds of people and I know it will work for you too. But I also know that there are far too many “too good to be true”, fly by night promotions online which can cloud your commitment to a program like this.

That’s why I invite you to test drive the program with my tried and applied guarantee. If you give it a genuine go and you don’t feel like I delivered on my promise, ask for a refund .


I'm Inviting You To Join My Program Because I Believe In You!

I know what it feels like to not be driven anymore - to look for ways to change or better your situation and feel as if there are no outs. You loved your job when you first started, but now you feel like you’ve hit your ceiling and it feels as if there is nowhere to go from here. I know what it feels like to not be able to ask for what you think you want or deserve. I know what it feels like to NEED that extra income in order to support your fami

But, I’ve got good news. You can change your situation. You are in complete control of getting a raise and being happy again in your workplace!


Hey, I'm Jill Young

I am an Expert EOS® (Entrepreneurial Operating System) Implementer, speaker, and author, who specializes in guiding business owners to form unified teams that create vision, experience traction, and produce value.

I have worked with over 80 companies, coaches, and entrepreneurs. I offer tools and strategies that propel my clients to the next level of success.

So, WHY am I teaching you how to get a raise?! I'll tell you why...

Because I know what it's like to need more from your company. Growing up in an Entrepreneurial family I can relate to your bosses. And as someone who spent years climbing the corporate ladder...I can relate to you. But now, more than ever, I hear the pain your bosses feel everyday. I work with teams who have VALUABLE, yet underpaid, players.


And I want to help YOU get the raise you deserve! 


Let this be the beginning of your Earning Advantage journey.

I look forward to being your guide along the way. Click the button below and register now.  I’ll see you inside the program.

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