Open Up and Grow

Jun 10, 2015

I’m a bit of a nature lover so for my weekly “Clarity Break,” I wake up early on Sunday mornings and walk in nature.   One of my favorite things to do is to be peaceful and observe the proven processes of how nature works.  It’s disciplined, has a rhythm, it is repeatable and scalable.  This morning as I walked, a certain tree that I love had produced its very first, tiny cone.   Green, small, tightly closed, yet still – had all the potential to grow into many more trees of its species.  Yet, in order to grow, it will need to open up.   Opening up to the world will mean that spiders and bugs and weather will get inside.   But if it truly wants to grow, it needs to be vulnerable, and open up.  If it does not, it will never release its potential and be who it was destined to be.

How do we, as business owners, take this proven process from nature and use it in our businesses?   Let me share with you two experiences I had this week.    I’ll call it, “A tale of two entrepreneurs”… as witnessed by their best employees.
… step inside my world and see if you can tell which business is ready to open up and grow.

Gary’s call – Gary called and asked for my help.   The owner of his company had recently let the leadership team know that the company was in a funk and not growing as they expected or had hoped.  He asked the Leadership Team… “What are your ideas?  What can we do?  What are we missing?”   Gary said…”I know someone who could help”.   The leadership team was open to reading Traction and they were VULNERABLE to change, willing to admit that what they’ve done to grow to this point, might not work to take the company to the next level.

Pat’s call – Pat called and asked for my help.   She asked me to help her tell the owner of the business that changes needed to be made.   She shared example after example of a business owner who made fear based decisions, ignored the dysfunction, swept issues under the rug, and tried to do it all.   What Pat WANTED, was a magic phrase to use with her boss.   She really wanted me to CONVINCE her boss that she needs to change.

So, what do you think?   Did you spot it?   Who is going to grow, and who is going to keep slogging through the mud?
And now the real question… Who are you?   Open or closed?

I’m always happy to help companies who are ready to be open.   But, now that I’m 40 – I’m too old to convince anybody of anything!  Well, except that the Dallas Stars are the best hockey team EVER!

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