Living Up to Your Competitive Edge

Apr 24, 2016

A few weeks ago, I pulled into a convenience store that had a banner out front touting “Best Quality, Fastest Service and Lowest Prices”… When I went into the store it was dirty, and the prices were double what I expected.   I even had to go find the cashier!
The Sales and Marketing arm of this store did their job of getting me in the door – but Operations didn’t deliver on the promise.
Great companies know how their offerings are unique from their competitors.   When there is nothing unique, the company can only compete on price.   The Sales team regularly uses the company’s uniqueness to promise target market clients that they’ll get what they want. Other common marketing terms for this are “differentiators” and “value proposition.” It’s what makes your company different and unique. Your “uniques” resonate with your target customer, and engage them to do business with you.

The E-Myth

In his book “The E-Myth”, Michael Gerber teaches us that what our clients really want is a consistent product.   They want to have certainty that they’ll be treated the way you promised them they would be, over and over again.   When this does not happen, customers come in the door…. but head right back out again.
Do you have a Promise-Delivery disconnect with Your Company’s Uniques?:
Start fixing it by:
1. Getting your entire company to learn and live the promise of your “uniques” – don’t let them live with just your Sales team.
2. Ensure that your processes for delivering your product or service lives up to your “uniques”with every touch point.
The Entrepreneurial Operating System (EOS®) helps companies clearly identify their “uniques” and communicate them throughout the entire company. If you think that your team might benefit from getting on the same page, Click here to e-mail me to set up our first conversation.

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