Fear vs. Courage

fear mindset Apr 03, 2020

Most people feel some kind of fear daily. Here’s what it looks like at work, when you’re an entrepreneur:

  • I’m afraid that if I invest in the company, I’ll lose my personal security.
  • I’m afraid that if I fire John, the clients might follow him.
  • I’m afraid that if we hire for this new position, I’ll lose control of quality.

Some people are motivated by fear; others are debilitated by it. Successful entrepreneurs use this fear to propel themselves and their companies forward. I believe that true entrepreneurs are in constant growth mode, and growth means change. But great change, change that really sticks, is more like a constant evolution than a revolution, and living in fear makes that evolution scary instead of exciting.

So, what causes some teams to thrive in the midst of their evolution and others to painfully struggle? Teams that thrive live in courage rather than in fear. Essentially, they employ a courage mindset, a courageous way of thinking that fuels the evolution. It’s not that they don’t feel the fear. They feel the fear and do it anyway, and as they live and work in courage rather than fear, the fear they used to feel turns into excitement for the future.

When you’re looking to make a change, especially a change that will shape the way your company functions long-term, it’s important that you start somewhere, but what do you do first? Do you change your mindset or do you take action? Sometimes taking action will nudge change in mindset and other times, the mindset will fuel the action. I know that both approaches work, but it’s been my experience that starting with an elevated mindset is more enjoyable and yields faster results.

I’ve identified three “courage mindsets” that you can work toward adopting to fuel the positive change you are craving in your company: The Courage to Have Discipline, The Courage to Lighten Up, and The Courage to Experiment. I’ll explore them in detail in upcoming blog posts, but remember, courage is key here! Courage gives you the confidence to leap toward progress. The mindset helps you stay there.

I’ve witnessed time and time again that when my clients lead with these courageous mindsets, their greatest achievements are on the other side of the fear they leave behind. They learn to use the fear as a sign that they are ready to grow again. They learn to expand beyond the fear and I know you can, too! It’s what you were designed for. Expect adversity, for there is no sure thing in the call to this entrepreneurial adventure, then let the courage lead you to boldness. Courage has magic, power and genius in it! 

Here’s a quick “pre-test” you can give yourself before we dive in deeper to each of the Courage Mindsets!

  • Am I committed to being courageously disciplined? Will I be in control of my time, my commitments and my thoughts?
  • Am I committed to being courageously lighthearted? Will I prioritize keeping the company positive in our reflections, the words we use, and the space that we energize?
  • Am I committed to courageously experimenting with curiosity, new approaches, and testing instead of declaring?

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