A Story, An Epiphany

Apr 07, 2016

I had a crazy epiphany the other day as I was working with a client.   They were struggling with a sales issue so I recommended they call one of my friends who does Fractional Sales Management.   The conversation went well and my EOS client engaged my friend!

Here is the epiphany… if my client met my Fractional Sales Manager friend a year ago, before they were on EOS… nothing would have worked!!!

  • This worked BECAUSE they now have a solid foundation of discipline and accountability.
  • This worked because they know how to CLEARLY identify their issues and solve them.
  • This worked because now my client knows where they are going and how to get there!

That’s the power of EOS… Vision – Traction – Healthy!
Vision is EVERYONE being on the same page.
Traction is EVERYONE rowing in the same direction in order to achieve that Vision.
Healthy is an open, honest, cohesive team.

So – my point is… YOU AND I ARE A TEAM!   If you have a client that is hitting the ceiling and it’s preventing them from FULLY utilizing YOUR value, I’d love to help them implement EOS.  (If you’re freaking out saying “What the heck is EOS?”  Confess now, LOL- call me!)

Helping involves gifting them 90 minutes of my time where I teach them these powerful, yet simple tools…. They decide if they want to use the tools on their own or use me to coach them though the tools.   A huge win for them and a huge win for you!

OK – If you’re STILL reading this you must be a TRUE friend so… let me get a little vulnerable here….

I struggle… just like you…

We are servants to the most powerful group of people on the planet… Entrepreneurs.  I’m convinced they are changing the world and it’s our purpose to support them… I struggle that I’m not giving them everything they need.  I want to be all things to them and I want to say “YES” every time they need more from me…. I’ve got some thoughts on the answer but would love to hear your take on this issue as well.

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