2015 Komen Dallas County Impact Awards Luncheon

May 25, 2015

On April 24th Jill attended the 2015 Komen Dallas County Impact Awards Luncheon at the Renaissance Dallas Hotel. A staged photo was taken but the story is much greater than that, those women were not there by happenstance. The most well-known person in the photo is absolutely Drew Pearson, but in this case the story of helping first and lessons in networking, trumps the famous retired Dallas Cowboy.

A few years ago when Paige graduated from college, a friend of hers, who also happened to be a friend of Jill’s, suggested she should talk to Jill about a job. Jill talked with Paige for more than two hours and helped her discover her strengths, passions and what she really wanted to do with her life after graduation. Although it tempting, because it was obvious Paige was a rock star that could one day rule the world, Jill didn’t try to hire her. The job Jill had available was not what Paige would have LOVED. Unselfishly, Jill passed Paige’s information along to a friend in another industry where she knew she would flourish. Needless to say, she excelled there and is continuing to excel.

Later, Elsa mentioned a need for the non-profit board she sat on for a service like Paige’s company, Insperity offers. Jill referred Elsa to Paige. That non-profit was the Susan G. Komen Dallas County Foundation. Paige helped Elsa and Elsa helped the foundation. Insperity is now a supporter of Komen Dallas County!

Fast forward to just a few weeks ago, Paige invited Jill to the Komen Dallas County Impact Awards Luncheon where Jill was reintroduced to Elsa, as she had moved on to another company and they had lost track of one another. Now Elsa and Jill are working together again!

All good things really do come to people who give. Lesson learned.

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